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HtraEartH: The Unseen Purity is the first novella in the HtraEartH series by M.E. Gerke. The Unseen Purity is the first volume of the HtraEartH series, first published in March of 2012. The story follows with the main character; the Dreamweaver known as Bodoran. He searches for the source of the mysterious Un, which is a horrible energy that consumes all of Htrae's vital Essence...

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"Bodoran was supposed to be undreamt.
Bodoran was supposed to be forgotten."

The Unseen Purity by M.E. Gerke

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Htrae, when viewed from the reaches of space, is a mirror of Earth. It is exact in all dimensions. A closer inspection reveals a world of imagination. This is a world of human creation. They created it, not by sheer will, but rather, by the influence of living their everyday lives. As it can be seen from outside earths atmosphere, there are interconnecting shapes of individual color, transparancy and phase. These represent each of the 7+ billion humans living on planet Earth.

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HtraEarth: The Unseen Purity is available on through Kindle Direct Publishing. Now, anyone can get a copy for download with the Amazon Kindle here. Note: Auto delivery is wireless.

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